Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 Day Letter Writing Challenge.

I have decided to start a personal 30-day challenge that involves writing letters that you do not intend to send. This may sound silly to some, and it did to me at first, but it has turned out to be something I believe I will cherish for a long time. Some of them actually say the names of who they are written to on the envelope, others don't. Following is the list of challenges for each day.

-To my best friend
-To my future spouse
-To my parents
-To my closest relative
-To my dreams and goals
-To a stranger
-To an ex
-To a penpal
-To one I wish I could meet
-To one I don't speak to as often as I would like
-To a deceased person I wish I could speak to
-To a person who caused me great pain
-To one I wish would forgive me
-To one I have drifted from
-To one I miss deeply
-To an out-of-state friend
-To a friend from childhood
-To the person I wish I could be
-To one that pesters my mind (good or bad)
-To one that broke my heart
-To one I judged unrightfully
-To one I'd like to give a second chance
-To one I am thankful for
-To one with whom I shared my fondest memory
-To one I know is going through hard times
-To a friendly stranger I've met
-To a person I've made a promise to
-To myself, in the future
-To one that changed my life
-To one I wish to tell everything, but too afraid

Each letter will be dated with my name written across the front. I've decided to put them away into my little keepsake box. Maybe someone will read them, maybe not. Nonetheless, I think it is a beautiful way to learn more about yourself.


  1. This sounds like a great idea. I might have to try and do something like this one day. It is so very thought provoking.

    Have a Beautiful Day,

  2. This sounds really fun. I had a teacher make us write a letter at the beginning of the year and we got to read them at the end. I didn't even remember the people whose names I had written! It really puts things in perspective. Things that seem really important now can be nothing in a few months. This sounds really interesting.